Our Vision Mission & Core Value

Our Vision:

Petrochem’s vision is to play a leading role in improving the quality of life and well being of the people of Bangladesh through responsible application of scientific knowledge and modern skills.

Our Mission:

  • To attain the vision we devote our resources to provide products and services of high and consistent quality which ensure value for money to our customers.
  • To create an image as suppliers of quality products and services.
  • To ensure productivity of its operations and encourage innovative abilities of its employees.
  • To ensure superior return on investment through healthy and sustainable growth of the Company.
  • To contribute to the personal development and well being of our employees.
  • To encourage and support qualitative improvement of the services of our distributors and suppliers.
  • To participate in selected Govt./NGO Projects and in community services for the attainment of social goals.
  • To become a model as a responsible corporate citizen of our country.
  • To be able to have sustainable growth without disturbing the nature and continuous improvement in HSE