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Petrochem (Bangladesh) is a Private Limited Company established in August 13, 1990.

Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited

Petrochem (Bangladesh) is a Private Limited Company established in August 13, 1990.

Petrochem’s vision is to play a leading role in improving the quality of life and well being of the farmers of Bangladesh through responsible application of scientific knowledge and modern skills. We are dedicated to market superior quality of micro-nutrient fertilizers, pesticides, Herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and seeds for agricultural growth of Bangladesh.

Our mission is to achieve business excellence through quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Petrochem follows International standard on quality management system to ensure consistent quality of product and service to achieve customers’ satisfaction. Petrochem also meets all national regulatory requirements relating to its current business. The management of Petrochem has “quality” as prime consideration in all its business decisions. All employees of Petrochem must follow documented procedures to ensure compliance with quality and standard. The pool of human resources of the company will be developed to their full potential and harnessed through regular training, participation in seeking continuous improvement in working environment.

Petrochem (Bd) Limited is committed to maintain the harmonious balance of the eco-system and therefore constantly seeks ways to use pesticide and fertilizer judiciously. We give training to farmers and retailers on the safe use of pesticide. We also create awareness on environment issues amongst our employees and associates.

We are committed to employ excellent staff and create an efficient nation-wide distribution network in order to make all our products readily available to the end users. Through regular Farmers’ and Distributors’ training, we are educating them on modern agricultural practices. We will continue to expand our product lines, be innovative in marketing strategies and also be consistent in maintaining high quality of products and services to sustain our reputation as one of the leading Agrochemical marketing Company in Bangladesh.

Our Pesticide Factory is at BSCIC Industrial area Keranigonj. All pesticides are packed and Re-packed and distribution is done from here. It is very near to Dhaka. Public transport facilities are very convenient from here.

Our Fertilizer Factory is at Siddergonj, Narayangonj. All Fertilizer products are packed and Re-packed and distribution is done from here. It is also very near to Dhaka.

We have a Seeds processing centre and Seeds Godown. It is situated at atPubailGazipur, very near to Tongi Industrial area. It is on the High Way of Dhaka – Kaligong Road. All Seeds are process and packed and Re-packed here. We have lab for testing of all types of seeds. It is also very near to Dhaka.